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Top ten movies every 80s lover should see

(These are not listed in order of greatness because they are all great in and of themselves. Watch the clips below for a sneak peek!)

1. The Breakfast Club

Five kids who couldn’t be more different, but it is their differences that help them survive one of the worst things known to man: detention

2. The Outsiders

A story about a misfit group of boys two of which get into some serious trouble that may just cost them their lives and their hair.

3. Back to the Future

I have two words and an initial for this movie… Michael J. Fox.

4. Pretty in Pink

It is about a girl who loves to wear pink. Oh and she also really wants to go to the prom with this boy, but he’s being stupid, and her best friend is in love with her, but she doesn’t know how to deal with that…

4. The Karate Kid

As the title of this movies clearly states, yes this movie is about a kid who learns karate; however, the movie is also about learning ones inner strength and finding oneself.

5. Footloose.

This movie is basically about a kid who just wants to dance. I mean Kevin Bacon stars in it, so do you need more of a description?

6. Ferris Buller’s Day Off

This movie will make you laugh, make you cry, and will make you wish that you had a friend named Ferris. #SaveFerris

7. The Princess Bride

This movie is basically the best romance movie you will ever see. It has evil kings, pirates in shinning black cloaks, and a princess who wears some really awesome dresses.

8. Dirty Dancing

Dirty Dancing tells the story of Baby who falls in love with dancing and a super attractive guy named Johnny.

9. Stand by Me

This is the story of four boys and their unbreakable friendship.

10. The Goonies

Kids go looking for a hidden treasure while being chased by bad guys trying to kill them in order to save their home.


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