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Be your own Glossier girl.

In the past year, beauty brand Glossier has made its way onto the online scene. Started by blog Into The Gloss’ Emily Weiss, the brand flourished into what is now one of the most talked about beauty brands on the Internet. Not only is the brand cruelty-free, but the brand holds the philosophy of less is more. Many gals try to embody the “Glossier girl”, a term coined for one who strives for the no-makeup look, using only a few products from the brand. Here’s a few of our Glossier favourites.

Milky Jelly Cleanser $18 This is very light, so if you like the double cleanse this is the cleanser for you. It's clear formula absorbs the skin of any moisture, removing any makeup in its way, prepping your skin for moisturizing. The thin consistency helps to slide around the skin and removes surface-level dirt phenomenally. It's also vegan!

Priming Moisturizer $35 It's thick, and sinks into the skin. Does a moisturizer get much better? After cleansing this product is perfect for keeping your skin moisturized and bouncy. As it is a mainly water-based product, the light consistency is thick and sinks into your pores and locks any moisture in. This treatment is perfect for the daytime glow.

Boy Brow $16 If there is one product to try from Glossier it’s this one. A daily use in my everyday skincare routine, this eyebrow gel fills in lightly sparse areas, and adds to colour and sheen to your brows. In the gel is lecithin which helps to give the brows a more natural look and sheen without looking brassy. The small brush allows the hairs to look messier, and, well, boy-ish.

A cult favorite for a reason. Primarily used for lips, but can be used as a universal skin salve. This product can versitiably be used for your cuticles, elbows and “anywhere that needs a little love” as the products tube says. The balm has lanolin and castor oil infused into it, two major moisturizing ingredients. Our favorite is the coconut balm dot com; a treat for your nose and lips!

To add to it, all orders come in a pink bubble mailer, and a plethora of stickers to decorate your new products. Let’s face it (literally), Glossier is in, makeup is out.

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