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September Quick Tips: From an Incoming Senior

Art By: Bridget Wong


Don’t. Freak. Out. Whether your worries are because of the unknown of freshman year or the mounting difficulty of junior year, take it calmly and you may be pleasantly surprised.

Be open to new opportunities Try new activities or clubs. Talk to someone you’ve never had a conversation with before. Partake in a class that holds your interest. That way, when you reach the end of your school career, you leave with no regrets.

Learn to focus Start finding good homework playlists and see what helps you focus, whether that’s rap or film scores (for me both work!).

Develop strong friendships Find out which friendships you have are genuine and solid. Stick by them, because on some hard days they’ll be all you have.

The hard work you put in now will be worth it in the end It may seem so far away now, but eventually will be a point in your life in which you ultimately leave school altogether! So don’t worry too much about that one test that you kinda tanked or where you stand on the social ladder. It’ll be worth it in the end.

Don’t sweat the small stuff Do not take anything for granted. Even if it seems like all everyone around you does is complain or stress out, know that you really won’t have an experience quite like this ever again. Stay positive and savour the moments you have with the people in your life.

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