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Poem: Love Uncovered

The first moments of love are so exhilarating.

Image by Christina Golovina


I don’t believe in the Happily Ever After Love that movies portray. I’m a fan of the heart-breaking, breath taking, Love. It’s an odd concept falling in love, giving yourself to someone so blindly. But the emotional roller coaster is worth it.

Gravity is what seems to pull a girl towards a boy when they circulate in

rotation like two planets ready to collide, creating happiness, pain, emotional

caution and total devotion. Falling in love is risky and uncontrollable. It is vulnerable and uncomfortable. You let people inside of your heart with no guaranties and no warnings. It’s something so volatile and incredible that it becomes worth it.

The first moments are so exhilarating. The first kiss creates trembling knees and twinkling eyes. But as everything in life, Love is not immortal, it doesn’t last forever and it is not lit forever. It eventually reaches the end of it's wick. With it comes the responsibilities, to be dedicated to that person, to be loyal only to them. There is a point when exhiliration turns into exhaustion and everyone pretends that everything is alright. What people have to realize is there is going to be an end. There’s always an end.

So when we embrace this end, falling in love becomes something recklessly beautiful. There is going to be heartbreak and misery. There's going to be love and happiness. But in the end there will be life. With bumps on the road but a grand and wonderful life.

To drop or come down freely under the influence of gravity.

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