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Mimp Magazine is an online and print fashion and lifestyle magazine for young women with an aim to empower and inspire one another. 








Mimp is a platform that brings women together with powerful words, images and events through monthly online themes and an annual print campaign.



We’re redefining beauty and femininity 

by embracing our imperfections and 

creating safe spaces for women

to share and thrive.


It's time women see ourselves represented by women and defy media standards that perpetuate patriarchal societal norms.

For advertising/partnership inquiries or to request a media kit send an email to pr@mimpmag.com






We believe in showcasing women in their full beautiful form, flaws and all!

None of the women in our magazine or on our blog have been retouched.


The way women view and digest media about women, marketed toward us by people inundated with the male gaze, is a serious and very relevant issue. It is all too easy to become obsessed with a social media feed overflowing with images that promote negative body image and women that don't reflect who we are and who we want to be. 

Let's get young women of our generation behind the camera, behind the marketing, and show them how we see the world.


We believe in the importance of viewing topics through an intersectional lens and to always be inclusive of women of different identities. It is important to be aware of the privileges of our backgrounds and the different hardships women face; let women share the experiences that belong to them and the stories that they identify with.