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Written & Photographed by Andreya Klobucar

Clothing provided & styled by No.1 Boutique

Jewellery by BodyBijou

Makeup & Hair by Tia Cammalleri

"This is not just about me. It's about all the other people, who's lives are being changed by this."

As we sit and chat amidst the floral decorations, the tension in the room seems to have eased. Swapping twirls for a tennis racket earlier during the shoot, we’re all thinking, was definitely the right idea.


Meet Linda. She’s not just your average, kind-hearted teenage girl, but also an intelligent, globally aware entrepreneurial, squash-playing superwoman!


15-year-old Linda Manziaris, is the founder of Body Bijou, a socially conscious jewelry company that donates 50 per cent of net profits to Girls Helping Girls, a non-profit organization founded by Linda’s sister Susanna to aid in the education of girls in need. 




On a volunteer trip to Kenya with her family, Linda was inspired to help the young women that she had met there and she knew just how she was going to do it!


Having a love and talent for creating jewellery was the first step, and with a little help, she was able to expand her skills to design the captivating pieces she would sell on her store www.BodyBijou.com.


"It's such a cool experience, to be behind the camera, knowing you're going to be on TV!" She responds when asked how she feels about her multiple TV appearances and news articles because of her company.


But what does a week in the life of a 15-year-old entreprenuer look like?


Squash practice almost every day, designing and managing her business occupy most of her time; Homework is another story all together. 


This super girl isn't all that different from you or me at all. She can't fly, she doesn't have super strength or X-Ray vision... she likes to hang out with her friends, watch netflix and prefers to wear only one sock!


In reality, Linda is just a beautiful young woman, who decided she wanted to make a change.


Here at MimpMag, not only do we believe in her mission but we believe in Linda. So far, her and her sister have been able to provide 28 girls with an education, helped build a school and many more great things are ahead. 


Congratulations on Winning Canada's Youngest Entrepreneur of the Year award for 2014 you deserve it!