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“My dad told me, keep your goals so high so that small minded people will think you’re crazy.”



After a busy day in the forest, being scratched by rose thorns and jumping over streams, we sit down and chat with our upbeat cover girl.


This is Ava. She is not your typical 18-year old student. Amongst balancing her first year of university and making time for herself, she is building her early career in the modeling industry.


Ava was discovered by her booking agency when she was in grade 9. The girl in braces had an interest in the art of modeling from her parents’ past and surely then, began at the age of 15. 



Written By Adriana Parente

Photographed by Andreya Klobucar

Makeup And Hair by Tia Cammalleri

Clothing provided by No. 1 Boutique

Natural Life

Ava tells Mimp Mag of the high expectations in modeling, with the right height and body measurements and overall appearance.


Behind all the manipulation of beauty, Ava remains true to herself. She says,


“my vision of beauty hasn’t changed in the industry because there are so many types of beautiful…everybody has their own view of beautiful.” 


In the world of modeling there are many stereotypes, which downgrade the hard work and health of the women and men in the industry. It is hard to ignore, and Ava says sometimes it does get to her.


“I over come it because I know that the person judging me does not know me personally, so I don’t take it personally,” say Ava.


On Ava’s down days she loves to spend time with her family and friends, baking and cooking with her grandmother, whatever it is!






Ava knows that taking time for herself is also important. She says before bed, she would frequently take walks and think about what happened in the afternoon, or plan for the follow week.


She says, “I think about how I feel and what I went through. That usually helps me reconnect and calm down.”


Modeling has changed Ava’s life: her social skills, professionalism and time management.


“You have to be okay with being told no…when you’re told no it doesn’t mean there is something wrong with you,” says Ava.


She recommends modeling for young girls who are interested in starting out.


Ava speaks about her dad, how his wise words have stuck with her.


My dad told me, keep your goals so high so that small minded people will think you’re crazy.”


She sure must be making her father proud.


Ava has modeled in Toronto Fashion Week and mainly works the runway throughout the City of Toronto. She hopes more opportunities will come when she models internationally full time starting in September.


All our luck and love goes out to her!