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Mrigini Iyer and Gargi Ghugare walk into the studio holding heavy garment bags and smiles on their faces. They give a warm, welcoming hug, and are urgent to begin with the shoot.


The pair, who met in 2014, bonding upon their similarities, watches each other as they get their hair and makeup done from across the room.


“We are so used to telling people what to do with our clothes, now it is the other way around,” says Mrigini.


The George Brown College graduates reflect on how they have lived the same lifestyle separately. Both friends were born in India, raised in the Middle East and moved to Canada, while in high school.


During an opportunity to present their clothes in a school show, Mrigini and Gargi decided to partner.


“We bounce off of each other’s inspiration. Everyone you meet can inspire you,” says Mrigini.



The designers based their first clothing line together, on their cultural background. The girls describe it as a high-end casual look, with the twist of red carpet couture. Mrigini tells MimpMag: 


“We used turbans with all our outfits because we wanted to bring our background into it. We wanted to give everyone a different outlook on what it [fashion] is in our minds,”


Being a part of the fashion industry has always been a dream of the designer duo. “Breaking into the industry is hard. There is so many people trying to do the same thing,” says Gargi.


“Coming from an Indian family, there is not a lot of awareness to careers in the fashion industry, so it was more ‘what is the future’. But once you create the awareness, it is clear,” says Gargi.  “My mom always told me I could do whatever I wanted to do.  So we would play dress up around the house.”


The young designers, 21 and 25, had the opportunity to showcase their Spring/Summer 2016 Collection in this year’s X-posed Fashion Show in Toronto. The MimpMag team had the opportunity to watch G Aur M’s designs on the runway, and according to our Editor-In-Chief, “They killed it!”






To the founders of G Aur M, this isn’t just a clothing line:


“We just want everyone to rejoice their culture. We want everyone to have confidence wearing our clothes. We want to keep it simple, but elegant,” says Mrigini. “This is me, this is what I wear and I am proud of it.”


The girls speak with confidence, very certain with what they want to come out of their line.

Gargi and Mrigini watch each other and converse with their eyes. They have the same goal for the future: To see people wear their designs.


On a regular day, the designers stick to neutral colours and dress for comfort. “Most of the time it is not what you are wearing, but how you carry it,” says Mrigini.


As we mention the back to school season, the designers laugh amongst themselves. “I would tell my past self a lot of things,” says Gargi as she controls her laughter. “Please don’t dress like that ever again. What were you thinking?”


The designers have ‘been there, don’t that’. They have a mind for big sister advice.


“Don’t focus on boys right now. Don’t set back because someone doesn’t want you to do something you love. You are young and this is your time to grow”, says Mrigini.



With an opportunity to showcase a new clothing line in Vancouver fashion week, the designers are

taking a leap into the world of fashion.  



“If you want to do fashion, you have to be in Vancouver or Montreal. It is difficult and expensive, but we want to do it,” says Mrigini.


Check out their website.