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YouTube's Unexpected Darling: Interview with Brittany Marie

Photo Courtesy of: Brittany Marie and Beaufresh Media


Youtuber Brittany Marie is the creator of the beauty YouTube channel GettingPretty. Brittany has been uploading videos to her YouTube channel for over 3 years now, as the years have gone by her channel has grown more and more every year, now Brittany is currently at over 180,000 subscribers! On her channel Brittany uploads makeup tutorials, DIYs, routine videos and more! Today Brittany shares with us some of her future goals, advice, and her favorite tearjerker movie:

What inspired you to start your YouTube channel?

Brittany: I used to always watch makeup tutorials in high school and I ended up enrolling in a makeup artistry program at institute after I graduated high school. Once I left the Institute with a Diploma in Makeup Artistry, I realized I could also be the one to teach people how to do makeup on YouTube and it just grew from there!

What is one of the most memorable moments out of your YouTube career so far?

Brittany: Definitely the time my Snapchat rainbow Halloween tutorial went a little viral! It was crazy. I had people messaging me that they saw me on popular websites like MTV, Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, and Huffington Post! I was super excited!

What is one thing that helps you stay motivated in your goals for the future?

Brittany: My subscribers always keep me motivated. I wouldn’t be able to do what I do without them.

What are some of your future plans that don’t involve YouTube?

Brittany: I would really love to start my own company. Hopefully beauty related!

We love them all, but what is one video you are most proud of?

Brittany: It isn’t up yet! It’s all about sponsorships and why I do them. There is a lot of controversy around getting paid on YouTube and I believe there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. So many viewers think if you’re paid, you’re a liar. Which is not true whatsoever. I want to clear the air with my subscribers to let them know I’m always honest with them!

What has been the most unexpected thing to happen to you because of your channel?

Brittany: Once, I got a free cheesecake because the waitress at the restaurant I was at watched my videos! In all seriousness though, just being able to travel and meet other people who do what I do is pretty amazing!

Sometimes unexpected life events unfold in everyone’s lives, what type of advice would you give girls who are currently struggling with unexpected situations?

Brittany: My advice to anyone in a tough situation is to never give up hope that things will get better. I used to struggle with terrible anxiety but every time I was feeling down, I kept telling myself that everything will be fine. Sometimes all you need is to convince yourself you’ll be ok for it to actually start working.

What is something mundane that you do in your everyday life that brings you joy?

Brittany: Just being outside makes me happy! I go for walks every day with my dog and it boosts my mood the second I step out the door.

What is the most unexpected song on your playlist?

Brittany: At the moment, probably Purple Lamborghini by Rick Ross and Skrillex. LOL!

What TV show or movie has made you cry the hardest?

Brittany: I have never cried so much as I did in The Last Song. It was so unexpected. I wasn’t ready for it!

Last, but not least here at Mimp Mag we are all about creating an empowering environment for young women so what is it like to know that so many young women watch your videos and come to you for advice? What kind of decisions do you make in your videos to make your channel a safe and positive environment for young women?

Brittany: I love that young girls, and even women my age and older, look to me for advice. I behave in a respectable way on my channel to be a role model to other people at any age. I try to send the message that you don’t need a ton of makeup to be beautiful. Makeup is an accessory and it’s fun to play around with no matter how much you want to wear. I don’t want anyone to feel it’s a necessity.


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