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What to Wear: Internship

Internships can be scary -- from landing the interview, to proving that you’re the exact person this company should hire to help grow and blossom into a little protégé, to proving to your new employer that you were the right pick.

While your background experience and knowledge are important, you’re also going to be looked at based on how you present yourself -- professionalism is key, my friends! How many times have you sat in front of your closet on the first day of a new job and just felt like you had a huge question mark over your head because you just couldn’t figure out what to wear? For me, the answer is “too many times to count,” especially because I want to present myself in a way that reflects the company I’m going to work for, but still stay true to my own style.

So here at Mimp Mag, we’ve compiled four outfits from some of our favourite influencers on Instagram complete with similar, shoppable pieces. Whether you’re interning at a fashionable PR firm or a business office, you’re set for a chic, professional look.


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