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A list of twelve things to say 'Yes!' to this year

Photo by Carmen


Last year I set a real New Year’s resolution for myself. To say yes to more things. And I stuck to it. I stuck to it all throughout 2017 and I surprised myself in so many more ways than I ever thought I was capable of.

I want to inspire you to try something new this year, so I’ve created a list of things you can do to better yourself, not change yourself:

1. Walk to work, or park farther away and add some steps to your journey. Download the “Carrot Rewards” app, and monitor your daily steps. Plus, you gain SCENE points for doing it.

2. Start a reading list.

3. Consider donating some of the gift cards you got for Christmas to a local homeless shelter.

4. Consider donating some of the gifts your aunt that hardly knows you got you for Christmas that you know you won’t ever open, use or wear.

5. Find a volunteer opportunity. Volunteer at said opportunity. Be a part of the change.

6. Figure out a personal or career goal and map out steps to get there.

7. Think of different foods you would like to try or learn to make and go for it.

8. Make the time for that coffee or dinner with that old friend you keep saying you miss but haven’t set any time aside for.

9. Put your phone away more often when you’re in a social setting.

10. Drink more water.

11. Clean out your email inbox and unsubscribe to the emails you’ve been deleting for months.

12. Set time aside for yourself every now and then. Don’t try to please everyone in your life by forgetting about your own well-being. You are important too.

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