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Three Ways To Improve Your Mood


[Photography by Léa Weber]

It is officially summer, which means it is time to finally follow the healthy lifestyle you have been thinking about since the start of the New Year!

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle should not only be about maintaining your weight or physical appearance but nourishing your mind should be just as important.

Step 1

What you put in your body is important and can affect your daily mood. Here are some healthy foods that promote happiness:

Cashews: These babies are high in zinc, which is proven to decrease symptoms of depression. Try not to have any more than what fits in the palm of your hand.

Wild Fish: Just keep swimming...Fish is high in vitamin D. In addition to light outdoor activity, intaking foods with vitamin D will help to improve your mood.


Chocolate: Yayy! Chocolate is packed with “happy chemicals” such as polyphenols and is proven to boost your mood. This does not mean you should down a chocolate bar every day, but sparingly treat yourself to a square of dark chocolate (the darker the better).

Citrus Fruits: any food high in Vitamin C instantly wakes you up and freshens your mood. Citrus fruit(s) are a summer food and who isn’t happy in the summertime?

Step 2

A great way to start and end off your day is with meditation. It clears the mind and strengthens your daily thoughts. It is not a practice everyone likes to do but trying never hurt anyone.

  • Sit or lie in a comfortable position.

  • Breathe in deep and release slowly while loosening your muscles.

  • Concentrate on something: a sound, an image, song, a feeling, etc. Your mind should only pay attention to this one idea. If any other thoughts creep into your mind, take a deep breathe and focus on the initial essence.

Make sure to stay relaxed and composed when mediating, there is no rush. You can meditate for as long as you think you need to: five to 10 minutes should be a perfect time frame to start. Playing soft music can help you to relax and release your muscles into the ground.

Meditation should be about renewing your connection with the earth beneath you. Cleanse your mind of impurities and negativity. If done correctly, you should feel lighter and content for the rest of your day. If done incorrectly, you will probably just fall asleep. [Editor's note: Me every time].

Step 3

Daily exercise is important for your overall health; this might seem like common sense. Working out is not only beneficial for your muscles, but for your mental health too. Exercising releases chemicals called endorphins: this feeling signals to your brain and improves your mood. Regular exercise can reduce stress, decrease feelings of depression and improve sleep.


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