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5 Things I Wish I Remembered To Keep In My Bag

Illustration by Maia Boakye



Thankful to the genius that thought of brow gel aka mascara for your eyebrows!) Generally I’ll use mine to tame and tidy my brows after I’ve mushed them round during moisturizing, but occasionally I’ll catch my reflection in a mirror and realize I must have forgotten because they look a little too unruly. My brows are naturally pretty dark so I like clear products like Urban Decay Brow Tamer, ($20 USD) , NARS Brow Gel, ($35 USD) or. e.l.f Clear Brow & Lash Mascara, ($2 USD) but if you’re in the mood to add a bit more colour or volume go for a shade.

LIP SCRUB I’ve gotten pretty good at keeping a lip balm in my pockets and bags so this year’s mission is to remember to bring along my LUSH lip scrub. Balms are great for moisturizing but I love the exfoliating effect of scrubs ( + they’re extremely tasty). I’m a fan of chocolate & mint so I like Mint Julips ($10.95 USD) but if you’re not into that combo there’s also Bubblegum ($10.95 USD) or Popcorn ($10.95 USD).


KIMOJI BUTT ($40 USD), Kate Spade Stripe Slim Battery Bank ($60 USD) or Wattz Up Fry Or Die French Fry Box Charger ($39.99 USD), they’ll be harder to leave behind - I’ll keep you updated. Imagine digging through your room and finally finding your portable charger, putting in the outlet to charge overnight and only realizing it’s still there when you’re at pulling up at the departures drop off !!!!! Maybe if I invest in one of these ones


Next time I’m organised and remember to go buy supplies before I start my period, I’m going to make sure I grab some pads from TsunoCora’s premium organic tampons for free (you just pay the shipping). The other thing I’ve been meaning to check out is a menstrual cup. The Diva Cup ($39.99) can be left in for 12 hours aka no more panicking when you can’t find a tampon. . They’re made from sustainable, natural bamboo fiber AND half the profits are donated to charities empowering women ! (+ the packaging is super nice). For tampons, you can trial


Hemp Hard Working Hand Protector ($14.77 USD) speak for themselves ($20.00 USD). Dermalogica’s Multivitamin Hand and Nail Treatment ($29.17 USD) is great if you’re looking for a hand and nail combo. Alternatively if you just want to zone in on cuticles check out Lush’s Lemony Flutter ($19.95 USD) - it’s also recommended for for feet elbows and knees !! I’ve finally gotten into a good skin care routine for my face but never remember to moisturize my hands until i’m picking at dry cuticles while waiting for my lunch to heat up. I’ve been given many of the good old “gift sets” featuring a hand cream but they’re always too greasy or overly scented. If you’re looking for something specifically to target dry skin, the reviews on The Body Shop’s


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