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The Whimsical Wanderer’s Travel Guide: A Guide for the Restless Wanderer


[Image by Micaela Cali]


Noun \ˈwändərˌləst\

A strong desire or urge to wander or travel and explore the world

Do you feel a constant desire for world exploration? Do meeting new people and discovering new and exciting things about yourself and the places around you bring you a happiness words cannot describe? Then you, my friend, are what we like to call a free spirit dealing with a bout of wanderlust.

Finding new places and being able to call them home for that short period of time that you are exploring is so inspiring and adventurous.

If you are a bit stuck on where and how to fulfil your duties of a wanderer, then you have come to the right place! Here, you will find a helpful guide created in order to inspire you to go out and discover, explore, create, and live a life full of meaning and memories!

Step 1: The Playlist- What kind of adventure would it be without the perfect soundtrack?

Step 2: Packing Essentials- The basics.

  • Road map

  • Polaroid camera (or a camera of your choosing)

  • Travel journal

  • A book or magazine (to enjoy on long train or car journeys)

  • Passport (if you plan on wandering to a new country)

  • Currency

  • Lots and lots of snacks (let’s be real here, food is everything.)

Step 3: The Mental Checklist- A list for when you’ve reached your destination.

  • Always looking around. Everything is interesting when you take a second look.

  • Alter your course often.

  • Observe things for long durations of time… or short periods! (Take in the faces, the food, the atmosphere)

  • Write it all down. Memories are worth more than anything else.

  • Notice the stories and memories being made around you involving other people.

  • Create a personal dialogue with the people and places around you.

I hope these tips help those of you adventurous souls out there getting ready to find your new journey in life! Enjoy the time you spend exploring, create as many memories as you possibly can, smile and laugh with just as many people, and create a story worth telling someday!


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