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The Power Pom Project

Photos courtesy of Elizabeth Tommey


For the past couple of months I have had the privilege to help launch The Power Pom project.

The idea was created by 12-year old Sophie, who after attending the Women's March was inspired to make a practical and wearable accessory inspired by the Pussy Hat. Sophie left the march feeling more empowered than ever before. This feeling drove Sophie, myself, and so many others to found the Power Pom project. Because 51% of the population is female, it was also decided that 51% of the profits made from the campaign will be donated to Planned Parenthood LA. As an incoming high school senior, the Power Pom represents support for not only women's rights, but human rights. The project is a visual symbol of unity, empowerment, and pride, and a continuation of this spirit initiated by the Women's March. By wearing and supporting The Power Pom project, we are all provided the opportunity to make our voices heard and to speak our minds.

Check out The Power Pom Project on social media:

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