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The Lockdown is Over, Patios Are Open, and I’m Wearing My Pj’s

Photographer: Polina Tankilevitch

An entire year of “reste à la maison” has meant working from our beds, logging onto Zoom school (with audio and camera off of course) and having friendships reduced to socially distant walks and facetime birthday parties. Virtual reality is not really what I signed up for in my twenties, and yet, the thrill of dressing up and going out seems to have become a thing of the past.

If you’re like me, you might have traded in your “lockdown LOOKS” for sweatpants within the first three months (or three weeks). Many of our fabulous garments took early retirement, pushed back into the dark depths of our closets, PJs, and robes not hesitating to take their comforting place.

Results from an online poll from Quora poll found, a question was posted asking “What’s more important, wearing fashionable clothes or comfortable clothes?” the results were that 75% of people preferred comfort over, while the other 25% chose fashion when asked what they found most important.

The high fashion industry took this hard, with tracksuits becoming the new “Must Have’s”, fashion designers and their team were pressured to innovate their approach to fashion. Hundreds of activewear and lounge-inspired brands seemed to pop up out of nowhere, offering the same duality: comfort and style.

And with the rising trend of loungewear, comes the exhaustion of loungewear.

If you told me two years ago that I would spend most of my days wearing hoodies and PJs, I would have been smiling from ear to ear. Now all I want is a reason to slide into a cute pair of pumps and a little black dress. The truth is, loungewear is not going to be a passing fad anytime soon. When Anna Wintour showed up at her desk donning a []tracksuit, it became very clear. Prada, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton have thrown their hat into the ring, piecing together bits of iconic inspiration for their cozy collections from the ‘70s, ‘80s,the’90s, and not shy of the early 2000s either.

Louis Vuitton’s recent collection puts a modern spin on an 80’s pyjama set moment. Adding bright silky colours, and stylish silhouettes that make it perfectly normal to go grocery shopping in. Gucci has also hopped on vintage-inspired silks, elevating the trend one step further. One set, in particular, could easily be worn as a stylish pantsuit.

Gucci 'New Flora Jersey' Jacket & Pants Set

Louis Vuitton 'Escale' Pyjama Set & Delia's Holiday '90s Catelouge

We spoke to two creators in the fashion space to hear how the pandemic has shifted their approach to fashion and loungewear.

Fashion influencer Alyssa Stellato was extremely motivated by lockdown to spend time and learn more about the fashion industry. Before then, she didn’t have much time, due to her busy life as a fashion stylist. “I believe that fashion is a way of expressing yourself and showing your creativity,” says Stellato. “When I’m at home I definitely love my loungewear, but I noticed it does affect my mood and productivity.”

With long days spent at home, and the occasional grocery store shopping spree, wearing loungewear had Alyssa wanting to watch T.V, or take a nap. Alyssa still found the motivation to incorporate fashion pieces in her loungewear looks. “I don’t find myself less motivated to engage in fashion, if anything I’m more motivated. I get excited to style my own pieces daily.”

Natalie Alysa, owner and designer of STRGRL, a premium streetwear brand that offers fashionable tracksuits. When she launched her clothing line two months before the pandemic hit, Alysa was already re-evaluating comfort as her new fashion priority. “It was definitely scary because I had just launched this new business at the beginning of a time with so many unknowns,” says Alysa.“I love this trend because I truly feel like you feel more confident when you are comfortable”

Check out some of our favourite loungewear looks from fashion creators we love:

Allegra Shaw

Tara Leigh Rose

Sasha Exeter

Staying in has become the new going out, and there is going to be a massive challenge for luxury fashion. While these brands are just now dipping their toes into the loungewear world, there are just as many who are clearly experts in this section, some of my top 6 favourites are:



Prayers and Plans

dejii studios

Uncle Studios


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