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Summer Sounds: Nonnsha, the Next Big Thing?

Nonnsha, an artist with a sound all her own, is definitely one to watch. With her quirky and refreshing instrumentals and a breezy voice that is reminiscent of Julia Stone and Karen O, you will not be disappointed.

For most of us, music is an escape; a place without judgement and little expectations. For Nonnsha, music is a place she feels more like herself.

When asked who her biggest musical inspirations are, she looks to Karen O. from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs for the “confidence and emotion she exerts in her performance.”

Nonnsha is also a fan of Daniel Johnston's “genuine and consistent” music. “He makes it look so easy.” These artists inspire her when they perform because she is able to feel what they feel. She tells us, “I think that’s enough of a reason to make music, to just share a feeling.”

When it comes to making music, Nonnsha has a few tips to share with any aspiring musicians out there: “Create, share, and connect, but mostly create. Practice whatever sounds you are making, be open to learning and changing what you already know about music for the better, and keep trying.” She further explains that the best way to continue to love what you do is to stay true to yourself and your sound. “Remember that not everyone will like your music and that is completely okay.”

As a creator, it can most definitely be terrifying to release and share your hard work with the world, but it can also be one of the most rewarding experiences! Nonnsha wanted to prove that she could release a physical album. “It was something I wanted to do for over five years.” She wanted hands on experience while making the album Open Book like drawing a picture for every song to make into a booklet, burning each disc one by one on a laptop, and drawing things on each one. “It was preparing to release a big sigh of relief of things I didn’t have the courage to say out loud.”

Since this month’s issue is all about taking chances and ending the summer with a bang, we ask Nonnsha what her biggest goal is for the end of summer. Her answer? She hopes to finish writing and recording her newest album!

She describes that her new songs have just been about the thoughts on her mind. Things like “reconnecting, growing up, moving on, and appreciating what is here.”

When asked about her end goal in music, she hopes, “that I never think it was a waste of time.” Listen to her here!


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