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Snake: a poem

Illustration by Marlenne Jasso


we were made for each other like perfectly carved puzzle pieces, fitting into one another our petals caressed and danced with each other for we resemble roses you were my world the only thing worth living for the only thing i wanted to witness grow but that was until i saw you with her she was curled around your broad body like a snake she kissed your pale cheeks as tears cascaded down mine you didn't even lock the door left it open like you wanted me to witness my life melt away in front of my eyes she noticed first & tucked her bare breasts behind the duvet we purchased together you turned around in slow motion your eyes filling with fear you saw me you saw me there & i saw you intertwined with a woman that wasn't me you began to get up but i was already out the wooden door the world around me appeared to be dripping like i was tripping on acid i couldn't breathe i couldn't see i couldn't feel you shouted my name behind me as i stuttered against the pavement the last thing i wanted to do was look into your green eyes the ones i saw my future in you spun me around tears in your devious eyes i felt nothing for you in those seconds nothing you apologized & asked me to stay with you i couldn't speak your once bright eyes became dull the light had flickered out from behind the glass i shook my head & i haven't seen you in over 5 years i hope she was worth it but i know i am that is why i never stayed with you i'm too pure for a soul like yours you will never take away my innocence but yours is long gone down the trail where our love once thrived


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