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We all Scream for Scream Queens!

Get ready for the most fashionable, hilarious, and dramatic new TV show since Gossip Girl!


If you are a fan a snarky mean girl and her evil minions who have some pretty unredeemable qualities but still make you laugh like crazy, then Scream Queens is the show for you.

The Cast

This cast features some of today’s biggest rising stars, like Lea Michele, Emma Roberts, Skyler Samuels, Arianna Grande, and Nick Jonas to name a few and the biggest scream queen herself, Jamie Lee Curtis. They all work together really well and the amount of sass each character has is something I haven’t seen since the days of Blair Waldorf.

Chanel: A girl who channels her inner bitchiness into a walking narcissist, Emma Roberts’ role in this show is reminiscent of her role in American Horror Story Coven (except her mean girl status is revved up 100x more).

Hester: Lea Michele plays a creepy girl with severe scoliosis who wears a back brace and pledges Kappa Kappa Ta.

Grace: Skyler Samuels plays a Kappa Kappa Tau legacy and pledge.

Nick Jonas who plays a closeted gay, frat brother who is best friends with the president of the Dickie Dollar Scholars fraternity, Chad Radwell.

The adults on the show are so lost and seem kind of unstable, yet somehow they make it work. The cast is an eclectic mix of weird, crazy, hilarious, and totally suspicious characters that will definitely have you coming back for more episode after episode.

The Plot

The show begins with the introduction to Grace Gardner, who has just started at Wallace University and decides to join the Kappa Kappa Tau sorority led by Chanel Oberlin and her minions, in hopes to honor her mother who was once a member. We also are introduced to Dean Munsch, whose main goal throughout the season is to try and take down Chanel and ruin her future as a Fox news anchor… (Random, but oddly hilarious). Dean Munsch is probably the most irresponsible and reckless adult on the show, who sleeps with some of her students, offers alcohol to their parents, and continuously puts her students in danger.

Chanel becomes totally desperate to regain some of her popularity and respect back, so she forges a plan with Ms. Bean, Kappa’s maid, to scare off the pledges. This plan goes horribly awry and ends with Ms. Bean having her face fried off (super gruesome and totally shocking).

Chanel convinces the Chanels and the pledges to cover up the crime and hide the body in a storage freezer. Shortly afterwards, Ms. Bean's body disappears and the girls become targets of the masked serial killer "The Red Devil", who kills off Chanel #2 (Arianna Grande) in the funniest way possible and later beheads one of the pledges known as the "deaf Taylor Swift" with a lawnmower.

The Wrap Up

Scream Queens pilot was a diabolically fun episode that delivered to its audience exactly the kind of bizarre shocks that all the intense advertising promised. With all the storylines being introduced and the amount of gruesome deaths present in just the first episode, let us hope Ryan Murphy and his team of creators can keep up with the oh-so schizophrenic, and addicting energy put on display here for the entire first series’ story. If that happens, we as viewers are in for an intensely welcome overload of snarkiness, incredible one-liners, and the perfect pop culture references perfectly timed. We've fallen face-first into this series, for better or worse...


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