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Saturday Night Watch-list: 5 female centered films you’ll love if you like Lady Bird


Early November last year we were gifted with the gem that is the film Lady Bird. After hearing raving reviews about the movie, and pouring over the trailer and interviews, I knew I needed to get myself to the theater. Lady Bird exceeded my expectations.

This movie being directed by Greta Gerwig presents an accurate portrayal of a young girl in her senior year of high school who goes by the name Lady Bird. You see Lady Bird tackle relationships, family, friendships and school; all in a very realistic manner.

Since then, I’ve been in the mood to binge an entire list of female-led indie flicks, and this got me thinking.

One of the most important things here at Mimp Mag is promoting the female gaze. It’s important to support films that are directed by women and star leading women, in order for there to be progress in the entertainment industry. I decided to compile a list of films that are female centered with realistic portrayals of life.

So if you liked Lady Bird and are craving more, you’re going to love these films:

The Spectacular Now This movie, similar to Lady Bird follows a young girl, Aimee Finicky, through her high school life. Aimee is a shy, book-loving girl who begins dating the popular life-of-the-party, Sutter Keely.

The Edge of Seventeen Similar to Lady Bird this movie follows an eccentric young girl, Nadine, whom is experiencing her junior year of high school and learning how to deal with her awkwardness, hormones, and new-found news that her best friend is dating her brother.

20th Century Women In a different aspect than ‘coming of age story’ angle, Lady Bird also focuses on Lady Bird’s mom’s story. 20th century women is set in 1979 Santa Barbara and follows the story of Dorothea, a single mother in her 50’s who is set in raising her adolescent son.

Juno When teenager Juno MacGuff becomes pregnant she struggles with the choice of giving the baby up for adoption. This movie follows an eccentric complex young girl struggling with real life choices.

Short Term 12 This story follows a supervisor (Grace) at a group home for troubled teens. Grace connects with a new resident in the group home while also juggling her own personal problems.


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