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5 Times Rory Gilmore Was Relatable to Aspiring Journalists

All great Gilmore Girls fans know that there is one true struggle that Rory Gilmore faced, besides boys - and that was her aspiring career to be a journalist (contains spoilers).

1. Coffee. Is. Life. Aspiring journalists are constantly writing every move they make as well as our thoughts and ideas; in the hopes that we are going to write something absolutely brilliant. We are always on the go, with interviews and assignments and articles. However, we are useless without our daily fix of caffeine, typically 2-4 times a day. Rory Gilmore’s coffee obsession is one of the main reasons we relate to her so much.

2. As seen in the the revival of Gilmore Girls, Rory faces our biggest fear: being jobless. As aspiring journalists we are always told that it’s a precarious workforce, and we try not to let that discourage us. Rory freelances and has been published, but she still struggles finding a job that will pay her to write. Let’s hope this isn’t us, but we can totally relate to her because this is our biggest fear.

3. While writing and building our portfolios for our internships and careers, we are facing one massive struggle- school. Not only do we have to get our articles in on time and find time to pitch ideas and interview people for extra-curriculars… we ALSO have to get our assignments in on time for school and keep up a GPA that’s good enough for us to get hired at a decent place. Rory Gilmore is us, the perfectionist that is struggling to find the balance between school and her school paper.

4. Every time Rory Gilmore was opinionated and had to speak her mind. As aspiring journalists, we are very strongly opinionated people- and we like people to hear what we have to say. Sometimes we just prefer to say it rather than write it.

5. CLEARLY and BLUNTLY shown in all seasons of Gilmore Girls (including the new ones) it is shown that even the great Rory Gilmore struggles with her career and trying to make it big in the industry. Being a journalist is difficult, so when an opportunity becomes available you need to grab it. Some of us aren’t as lucky as Rory to get to be a journalist on the travelling campaign for Barack Obama, but any opportunity to us is a big deal.


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