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We Breakdown Our Reaction to Taylor Swift's Wildest Dreams Music Video.

​Taylor Swift shocks us again with another music video that we thought we would only see in our wildest dreams.

Yet another music video, released by the lovely Taylor Swift, the third of which was directed by Joseph Kahn. This one was for the track Wildest Dreams, the fifth single off of Swift’s most recent album, 1989. The video stars Scott Eastwood and Swift as two old Hollywood celebs acting opposite one another in a 50’s film, which turns into an off-screen romance, leading to heartbreak. If this isn't a Taylor Swift music video, I don't know what is...

After the instrumental, the music video begins with Swift reciting the opening lines of the song, getting all dolled up for the cameras while looking over at Eastwood. Leave it to Swift to pull off dark messy curls, so effortlessly and realistically-- I love it. Flashover to Eastwood, who’s just as interested as she is. The two share an on-screen kiss (quite passionate, might I add) and the chorus begins, featuring quick cuts of their on and developing off-screen relationship, featuring amazing scenery, and a flowing, mustard coloured dress. This getting good now... (get it?)

The video continues with a more intimate look into their relationship, with, whisky?! We're taken back to the set of the film, where the two are getting very heated (angrily, that is), presumably because of fight they had off-screen which has trickled to on-screen. Heads are angrily turned, and buckets are kicked, but how could you not fall for someone as handsome as Scott Eastwood?

All goes back to normal when the cameras are rolling. I love the director's reaction!

The chorus kicks in again, and the pair are flying on an aeroplane with Swift in front, wearing a blue two-piece suit, topped off with a polka-dot headscarf, cat-eye sunglasses, and her signature red lip. Taylor looks like a major babe. Then there’s Scott Eastwood, wearing pilot gear--he looks alright. Birds-eye view shots of the plane and safari animals pass by, and can I just say, that I would have loved to be the lion behind Swift in the floral dress?

The largely anticipated premiere of the film has finally arrived and Swift steps out onto the red carpet in all smiles - looking flawless in a white faux-fur shawl and a glimmery dress, until she catches a glimpse of Eastwood and his real-life (or maybe just for show) girlfriend. The two share sad and longing looks that continue throughout photo-ops, and even the showing of the film. I guess it really was just pretend. The camera pans to Swift running in slow-mo out of the theatre, jumping into a car, and driving away. Looks like cutie wasn’t there fast enough, because as she’s pulling out, saying “Wildest Dreeeeams, ahhh, ahhhhhh,” we see him run out into the street. But did she see him? We’ll never know. And bam, it’s over.

At the end, text is displayed, mentioning Swift is donating All proceeds from the video to the African Parks Foundation of America. I love this girl.

In the end, the video was amazing, Taylor Swift was amazing, and Scott Eastwood was amazing. I wish the film was actually real because I would totally go see it.

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