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Poem: Proud woman

I knew a girl, who sat there with the sun on her face

Behind her smile they couldn’t see tears

Behind her tears they couldn’t see fear

She was so blind that she got lost into her own mind

She encountered the moon and knew that she had to fight but she was strong because of her weakness

she had strength enough in herself for what lay ahead

but dealt with the pain she had to face and won

She would go ice skating or ride a roller-coaster no longer afraid to face her fear.

People told her she couldn’t rule the world but she didn’t listen

The quiet voice in her head was the only courage she needed

She was compassionate, kind and patient in her nature

She was nature

She was a proud woman

that appreciated everything that the universes offered and took away

I want to be this woman who holds the sun in her arms and who swims in the dreams of the moon.

I am — and I will be.


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