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Poem: Nearly Gone

Image by Andreya Klobucar

When it’s summer and hot outside,

and my socked feet find themselves stuffed,

Into running sneakers,

I turn my music up,

louder, and louder

With Green Day blasting my ears out,

and my motivation spiked,

I feel Happy, Weightless,

floating on a high

that only running can make me feel.

And if I close my eyes,

I can almost feel like I’m flying,

soaring in the sky,

on this beautiful summer day.

I feel accomplished

like a person who can say:

‘I run, I run for myself, my body and mind,’

And when I run in the summer,

With its entirety stretching before me

I know I’ve made it,

Made something special,

Something wonderful,

Glittery and Lovely.

And with sweat pouring down my face,

stomach and back,

I feel proud, of myself, and my brain and my feet,

For allowing such a wonderful experience to occur

In the lovely, but now

nearly gone,

hot days of summer.


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