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Nostalgia: Sarah Skinner's Debut Single

Banner courtesy of Sarah Skinner Music


Only a couple of months after our interview with 18 year old rising indie pop singer, Sarah Skinner, for our Girls Who Make Art series, we are very proud to announce the release of Sarah’s debut single: Nostalgia.

Hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, Sarah is an incredible singer who presents heartbreak, self-realization, the pursuit of her dreams and her own growth as an individual through music.

According to Sarah, Nostalgia is meant to be a conversational piece, adding some rap into the mix, about a faded memory and the recognition that the original feelings she had for someone in the past are no longer the same. Throughout the song, Sarah reflects on a previous relationship. Although she misses the good memories of the past, Sarah comes to terms with the fact that the person has changed. The lyrics, “Girl, I’ll see you in my dreams” gives insight into Sarah’s heart and the fact that she cannot let go of what was once there, at least for now.

The song has an eerie melancholic sound with a rap beat that makes the perfect mix for a nostalgic tune. The verses in this song are catchy and contain diverse lyrics enough for everyone to find a piece of themselves in the song.

Nostalgia is available now on iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud and many other places!


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