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Artist Spotlight: Margarida Eloy


Meet 22-year-old Margarida Eloy from Portugal! She is an extremely talented Illustrator, photographer and she is mastering in Curatorial Practices.

"I hope in the future to work with other artists and give their work a proper treatment, by exposing their art pieces in galleries and museums."

Her work has been featured in art expositions along with her photography. She has also been featured as a member of the art collective "Corpo Latente".

On her illustrations:

How did you get into creating such beautiful pieces?

"I've always loved to draw cute characters, but I was used to doing it for myself. Some friends saw my work and encourage me to make it public. I started a small brand called Ahoy Sailors Illustration, where I display my work and sell personalized illustrations."



Margarida has been developing an illustration series, she calls, "Mountain Characters". The series reflects an indie vibe and explores the ways she can portray different animals that live in various mountain regions.

Inspired bt native totem art, Margarida created this series to indicate animal spirits that may bring luck to their owners.

From the native symbols to the unsaturated and pastel colours, she tells Mimpmag of the aesthetic she is aiming to achieve.

"I try to make images that feel like they are childish and naive, but can also be appreciated by the adult crowd."

It is such an honour to feature such a gifted artist and I am currently obsessing over everything "Margarida Eloy"!


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