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Literature-Inspired Web Series For Your Inner Book Nerd

The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy

A modern and quite “darling” take on Peter Pan. Set in Neverland, Ohio, the series follows a millennial Wendy Darling as she traverses the struggles of wanting to leave her small hometown, all the while her best friend Peter works to convince her that growing up is not for them. This series has taken me on an emotional rollercoaster, from squealing with fangirl delight at the cuteness of the love story to crying rivers of tears when I relate to Wendy’s fear of rejection and failure. Not to mention laughing at the antics of John and Michael Darling, who always manage to steal the show. Kyle Walters (Peter Pan) delivers a stunning rendition of my childhood crush, so I may be biased. If you love unique takes on classics, this is for you!

Nothing Much to Do - A Shakespearean Shakeup

If you loved reading Shakespeare for English class, this series will be perfect to binge. Based on much ado about nothing, this follows the lives of the teens that occupy Messina High School. Not only is the story fantastic, but the additional content, which includes sonnet-based songs, are beautiful. I may have played them on repeat, say, a million times. The story also delves into important topics such as slut-shaming and bisexuality, which adds a modern touch to the complexity of this play. They are also in the midst of releasing their sequel, lovely little losers, based off of another Shakespearean work.

Classic Alice

Now this series takes book adaptation to a whole new level. The show follows an aspiring author living her life according to books in order to get inspired to become a better writer, which of course kicks off a series of events that change the course of her life. This show has introduced me to so many great new books, as it is inspired by a mix of many classics, from Dracula to the Odyssey to Pygmalion. The transmedia is incredibly well done as well. Audiences could even text a number and “Alice” would respond. Kate Hackett is a wonderful actress and portrays the quirky and awkward Alice so well. I cannot wait for what other books are to come.


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