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Songs to Listen to When You Need To Relax


I cannot tell you the last time I have fully relaxed without the feeling of guilt crawling around in my brain.

Whether I have an essay to draft, a test to study for, an article to write, a video to edit, my dog to pet, I always seem to have something that needs my attention! You know, sometimes I just need to relax, I just need to chill, is that too much to ask for? I’M TALKING TO YOU, UNIVERSITY! Although I have piles of things to look at, I will take a seat on my bed, cover myself in blankets and do something I want to do like draw, write, or shut my eyes for 2 to 4 hours. Music is what helps me unwind, and in this playlist, I will help you in achieving maximum relaxation with these songs. So please, join me in putting your earphones in or your headphones on and immersing yourself in these sultry tunes. Don’t let that reminder on your phone that keeps buzzing win. Enjoy a little “me” time, my fellow stressed individuals, and let yourself relaaaaaaaaax.

Me // The 1975 Outro // M83 City of Stars // Ryan Gosling Anchor // Novo Amor (Disclaimer - this song has a bit of a loud and pumped up ending but it lasts about 5 seconds and compliments the song quite nicely) Photograph // Arcade Fire The Moon Song // Karen O & Ezra Koenig Threnody // Goldmund Roslyn // Bon Iver & St. Vincent Something // Tobias Heart’s on Fire // Passenger North // Sleeping at Last Cherry Wine // Hozier

Bonus “Stranger Things” Cello Medley // Nicholas See You don’t even have to be a Stranger Things fan to enjoy this sweet melody!


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