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Photo Diary: INGATAN

Ingatan means Caution in Filipino.

An idea sparked up in my mind when I was passing by a construction site. Oh, scratch that construction sites. In the Philippines, every corner you go, a renovation is ongoing. Filipinos are tired of hearing about the projects that will help our country and eventually lift up its people. We are constantly stuck in this state of 'now'. In my photo-series, I wanted to incorporate the use of the 'CAUTION' tape and mix it with my style. As a fashion and lifestyle photographer, I wanted to be able to deliver a message that we should be cautious of the things that we decide to do in this new year. We chose to shoot at a construction site and a 'sari-sari store', which is a store where most Filipinos hang out in all across the country, and where we will hopefully successfully deliver our message.

Photographer: Mavic Castro (@ShotByMavic)

Stylist: Mavic Castro and Anica Neri

HMUA: Anica Neri (@neereberi)

Model: Pauline Ibuyan (@paulineibuyan)

More photos from this series at


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