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If I were a Book Character

To us, they aren't just books and movies.

When I read, I always imagine what my life would be like had I been born another person. Had I followed a different path, a different story. Had I made different friends, took different classes, made different mistakes. Who would I be? I am a sum of all the choices I’ve ever made and ever will make.

Despite this though, my “book” (so to speak) is unwritten. I have every opportunity to change the path I am currently on, with limitation of course. If I were to follow the choices of my favorite YA heroines and characters from books and movies, do I think I would be different? How realistic do these stories pertain to my life?

If I were a YA heroine, I would be braver. Maybe I would take up a sport like archery like Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games) or knife-throwing like Tris Prior (Divergent). I would definitely be more kick butt than I am now. For the most part I am willing to make a “change” in the world, but I think I would be surer in what actions I take towards the goals I wish to achieve.

If I lived in a love-story book I’m sure my life would be far more romantic than it

is now. I would have a crush on a boy for the longest time and out of the blue he would happen to notice me. And then we’d get together and be happy “forever”. Everything would be perfect I imagine. If I were a movie character I know I would be much more funny than I am now. Sure, I make the occasional joke, but I’m not defined as a jokester or comedian. But If I were in a comedy movie I know I would make all the jokes and have all the one-liners. I would be that person.

My thoughts when I read books revolve around if my life could be better if I had a

trait of one of the characters. But I’ve come to realize that whether or not I have that trait, I still have the power in my life to “go out with a bang”; to make my own choices despite what people think and even what I expect of myself.

The problem with being stuck in a mindset where we are always comparing ourselves to imaginary characters is just that. They are imaginary! Figments of an author's imagination and fantasies. We can be inspired by these characters but we should draw the line at some point because, there was never a sixteen girl named Katniss Everdeen who took down an entire communist regime - while, at the same time, maintaining relationships with the hottest guys in Panem.

A little part of my story is written every day, a page in a book in a series of

chapters and scenes. I learn through books and movies that my life can change at any moment for the better or worse, but I also hold a certain power to make it the way I want it to be.

Next time you read a book or watch a movie, think about who you are. What do

you admire about the characters and why? Often you see the undiscovered parts of

yourself (at least that’s what I find) and can end up making better choices about who you want to be because of the realization.

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