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Friday Playlist: An Impossible but Probable Summer


My music taste is constantly changing but I have recently developed an obsession for '60s and '70s hits after watching (okay, devouring) the 1995 film, Now and Then. The film follows four life long friends back to their memories of the summer of 1970 where (in my opinion) they create the definition of the best summer ever!

Escape with me and this retro playlist. It has been keeping me going through the summer so far and I'm always adding new songs. All I need now is a treehouse and my life would be complete.

Knock Three Times | Tony Orlando (1970)

This Magic moment | The Drifters (1960)

[sweeter than wineeeee...]

Blue moon | Billie holiday (1952)

[the soft crackle and her soft voice flow through my ears]

My girl | the temptations (1965)

[How can you not sway your hips and snap to this?]

Sugar sugar | the Archies (1969)

The Twist | Chubby checker (1960)

Signed Sealed Delivered | Stevie Wonder (1970)

[this song is me to all the boys I have ever crushed on]

Hallelujah I Love Her So | Ray Charles (1961)

[I cry sometimes and dance]

The Locomotion | Little Eva (1962)

[Okay, I really move to this one]

It's My Party | Lesley gore (1963)

[the theme song for my seven-year-old self]

Reet Petite | Jackie Wilson (1958)

[I can literally feel his voice rumble and I can't stop moving]

Love letters | Ketty Lester (1962)

[Her velvet voice just surrounds me like a blanket]

Theme From A Summer Place | Percy Faith


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