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Poem: Could Have


Separated by time and space, By chance and fortune, By luck and fate.

We turn our heads too quick To see the other’s stare. We move our hands too fast To ever have them brush. We hesitate too long To say the words that dance on our lips.

We stop to think, To wonder, To fear. A millisecond divides us, Tearing a chasm too far for hope to stretch.

Our paths cross, Again and again, But we stand miles apart, Divided by our fear of loss. We drown each day in fear, Fear that claws our heart and our lungs, Fear that keeps us from jumping.

We could have jumped into the chasm, Could have smiled a second longer, Could have reached our hands one inch further, Could have said words now long lost.

If only, Would have, Could have. Words of wishing, words of regret.

You could have known I cared. You could have known I hoped. You could have known I loved you. I’m sorry.


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