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Christmas In July

If you asked her what her music taste are, she would probably say Christmas.

Art by Erika Nunez

I love Christmas music. Believe me, I do. As soon as Thanksgiving hits, I set up my tree and dance around to “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” while hanging ornaments. I curl up by the fire with my favourite book and listen to “White Christmas”. But, I never, never, never, listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving.

My reasoning has probably been imposed on me by my mother, who reserves Christmas cheer for, well, Christmas season — like I would assume is customary for most people. Our Christmas albums are shelved away for months until the day finally comes when we can pull them out and listen. Maybe it’s the wait that makes Christmas season all the more exciting for me. I don’t long for that day when the music is “socially acceptable” to play, but the fact that Christmas music is reserved only for Christmas gets my romantic heart in such a festive mood.

I’ve noticed over time though, that there are some people who see this situation...differently. One of my best friends is the type of person who is still celebrating Christmas in July. If you asked her what her music taste are, she would probably say Christmas. There have been multiple times when I’ve been at her house and she’s turned on the Michael Buble Christmas album. Good studying music, she says. I just shake my head.

I once asked her why she listens to it all year round.

“It’s so happy. So positive.”

The thing is, she’s right. It keeps her calm. It minimizes stress. Christmas music is never vulgar and demeaning like many songs today are. It has the power to unite. Everyone knows every song, and everyone will sing along. It’s just so happy.

Truthfully, I probably still won’t listen to Christmas music in the summer nor while I study. My entire life has taught me that it belongs to December and December alone. I can’t change that, and I still believe that it is suited best for the cold winter months, when I curl up with my cup of cocoa. At the same time, I get where my friend is coming from. It’s probably the happiest music out there. Spreading good cheer and loving others? Who could argue with that?

I was in my car driving with my friend the other week. It was mid-November. As I changed the radio station, a Christmas song came on and she immediately started singing along, a smile on her face. I didn’t change the station. I couldn’t, not with how happy she was, and how I finally understood her motivation to keep it on, and to keep up the happiness.


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