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FW/17 Beauty Trends Get Political

Beauty can get political too.

If you’ve been keeping up with the fashion industry, you are aware that Paris Fashion Week wrapped up the quartet of the Fall/Winter 2017 fashion weeks. After last year’s election, many designers took to their garments to express how they politically felt, with messages from large houses such as Altuzarra and Prada that stood for female empowerment and women that ruled the world. However it was the beauty trends that also subtly spoke for the political agenda popular fashion week designers had.

Let’s begin.

Bold eyed gal The use of bold eyeliner was something makeup artists used to define the models’ eyes. It’s commonly worn in plain black on a daily basis, but makeup artists took it up a notch by using a pop of colour (red was popular this season). Whether the liner was thin or thick, defined or messy, the creative freedom of eyeliner took over the runway, and was a statement in itself; women are just as sharp as their eyeliner. Makeup artist, Dick Page, said he drew thick lines of red, yellow and white on the models eyes for show Zadig & Voltaire, as “accessories for the face.”

Slicked back babe Throughout this year’s fall/winter fashion weeks, slicked back hair continually made a reappearance, but this time the look of slicked-back hair meant something different. Models walking in the Denibi show sported the slicked back hairstyle, which creative director and artist Fadel Denibi for the brand says was inspired by the sleekness of the collection, which he described as “a very enigmatic, curious, feminine, and smart girl who used to fight for equality and justice.”

Bare skin goddess

A no makeup-makeup look was seen down the runway this fashion week, displaying that women are just as beautiful with bare skin as they are with bronzed skin. Bare skin is a very simple way for brands to make the look more about the fashion than the beauty, but bare skin tends to make a statement and has been redefined by the beauty industry by its lack of makeup. Beauty photographer Peter Lindbergh, said in response to the bare skin beauty trend, that “beauty is the courage to showing your real self. There’s beauty in truth.”

Accessorize, but not for the guys A little homage to spring, although it’s fall/winter fashion week. Adding accessories to the hair such as flowers or jewels is visually pleasing, but is also a great way to incorporate the brand’s identity into the model’s hair. Rodarte’s lead hairstylist, Odile Gilbert, prepared the models’ hair with leave-in conditioner and used jewels to accessorize the hair. She says, “instead of putting the headband on top of the head, we put it in a very poetic way.” Rodarte is known for their effortless and bohemian silhouettes that emphasize women’s natural beauty. Read this for more Rodarte inspiration.

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