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An interview with Keaton Milburn

It’s January! No more sparkly holiday dresses, so... what now?

I sometimes like to think of January as the beginning of fashion, as well as the in-between of fashion. Seasons have a really big impact in fashion and even though January is in the winter season it is not exactly winter fashion.

In the midst of my January fashion confusion, I decided to turn to beauty/fashion guru Keaton Milburn for some January style inspiration. 18-year-old Keaton makes videos on youtube all about fashion and beauty. Keaton has over 200K subscribers on youtube and around 8 million views, so it would be more than okay to say that... she knows what she’s doing.

I N T E R V I E W :

Mimp Mag: One of the major reasons your subscribers turn to your channel it’s for fashion and beauty advice/inspiration. How do you feel when making videos or preparing them?

Keaton: I feel like sometimes I get nervous about putting up certain outfits because maybe someone won't like them but then I remember I wouldn't have the subscribers I have if they didn't like my style and just who I was. So the more I venture out into new outfits or styles my subscribers grow with me and I'm able to show them different sides of me. When preparing for my videos I like to take outfits I would genuinely wear and want to post as opposed to just doing it for a video. It's really fun for me to be able to come up with outfits.

M: Who are some of your biggest inspirations in fashion?

Keaton: Kylie Jenner, Gigi Hadid, or Rihanna. I love all of their looks so much and they are all so different. I love that each of them can dress extremely girly one day and wear pink and the next day be wearing a band tee and black leather jeans. That's probably what inspires me the most is that you don't have to stick with one look, changing it up is fun.

M: What month is ‘the month’ you love putting outfits together?

Keaton: I really love summer looks the most so I guess from June-August I get more into putting outfits together. I love the heat so wearing cute jeans shorts and my favourite crop tops is something I like the most.

M: What do you consider to be a fashion statement for January?

Keaton: I think something popular in January and even just winter this year is thigh-high boots. I absolutely love them and they are definitely a fashion statement.

M: Does makeup play a huge role in an outfit?

Keaton: I think makeup plays a big role in your outfit because it kind of ties it all together. If it's an everyday look you don't want to do some big black smokey eye, you want to make it casual and use browns and stuff. Your makeup is what kind of sets the tone for the way the whole outfit looks. For January (makeup wise) I'm in love with highlighting. I think simple but the light colour on your eyes is really pretty like shimmery and I also think highlighting your cheeks helps too.

M: Do you rather make lookbook videos or makeup tutorials?

Keaton: I like making lookbooks more because as fun as make up is, I like putting together outfits more.

M: What are some of your favourites stores to shop in?

Keaton: I LOVE urban outfitters, PacSun, Brandy Melville, & Zara. Those stores best express my personal style. Brandy Melville has the best causal everyday outfits like sweaters and stuff for January which I love. For January night outfits I often shop online at Urban Outfitters in their dress section.

M: Who are some of your youtube besties?

Keaton: Halle Keeth is my absolute best friend and I met her on youtube about a year ago and we've been close ever since she commented on one of my videos. She actually lives in Cali but we fly back and forth to see each other.

picture by: @brandonwoelfel (Instagram)

M: What is one video that you are most proud of?


M: Aaand last, but not least… What is the one thing you always wish your viewers get out of your videos?

Keaton: The main thing I want my viewers to get out of my videos is to be yourself. It is the cheesiest thing ever, but I have spent so much time worrying about what others thought and wasted my time feeling bad about myself because of others. I want my viewers to know that they can do whatever they want. They can be weird and themselves without feeling like an outsider.

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