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A Guide to Travel

Travelling is a gift that one is very fortunate to receive in their life

As the dullness of winter slowly comes to a close, many people find themselves escaping from their day to day routines in need of a well-deserved break for travel. I recently found myself on quite an adventure with my family during spring break where I had the chance to explore alligator-infested waters and kayak with my lovely sister between mangrove trees. The trip left me in relaxed and fresh head space and I have come to the conclusion that this was due to the mindset I had adopted while travelling. Being that many people will be travelling with the coming of spring, I have collected a few items in my carry on that I hope you can use as tools for making your vacation a soothing one.

First in my collection is sunglasses, and though the competition for my favourite pair is brutal, one that stands out is patience. This view changer will be your tool for diminishing frustration while travelling through annoying and unnecessary bumps in the road. On this trip, I made a pact with myself to be as patient as I could be in order to enjoy my time away from home. Whether it be turning a cheek on my babbling little brother or resisting the urge to complain when traffic interfered with plans, patience is the sandpaper that helped me smooth out my trip. Patience is a muscle I am very prone to neglect, however using it to my advantage has helped me resolve all frustrations I face.

While the rush of vacation is tiring at times, I find the remedy is to fill the air with the sweet smell of optimism. I must warn not to spray too much of this scent or else you will be left with disappointment as a result of your high expectations. Not only will this handy bottle help you veil the sometimes unfortunate odour that comes with travelling, but it will also enable you to have a more positive outlook during your trip. Time has proven to me that being optimistic through thick and thin has always aided me in simply being happier. While venturing out of your comfort zone this vacation, obtaining an optimistic attitude will allow you to fully appreciate your surroundings and access all the benefits that come with travel.

Whether I visit family over the summer or go on a small road trip, I never leave my house without my socks of comfort. As one prone to homesickness, having something with me that makes me feel as if I am not so far away from my home eases the anxiety I tend to get while travelling. Though the shape of comfort is subject to change, sometimes coming in the form of a teddy bear my grandma gave me when I was younger and other times as my journal filled with old cards and pictures, the sentimental value these objects carry remains the same. Travelling is a gift that one is very fortunate to receive in their life and easing any emotional conflict that comes with travel allows you to fully enjoy the gift of adventure.

For my final tip, I will leave you with a tool to make your vacation last much longer than the time in between getting off and on the plane. Travel allows you to gain insight into the world outside of your bubble and to gain a perspective that may have unmeasurable benefits. This is why when travelling you should not only fully collect all the blessings of your opportunity but carry out this relief from reality even after returning to your routine. I cannot reveal my last tip before first giving credit to my dad because he is the one who has opened my eyes to this tool. Thank you, Aba.

While the hustle and bustle never fails to carry out through a vacation it is important to take a moment to close your eyes and capture a mental photograph of your surroundings. Enshrine the emotions in the air, the melodies of the city, and the excitement of oblivion. Record the moment in your heart so that you may look back on it later when you find yourself in moments of stress and unhappiness. Remember that there is so much more than the town you come from or the people and places that make up your daily routine.

Remember that there are lives on the other side of the globe and that your problems, no matter how detrimental they may seem, are only temporary and minuscule in the grand scheme of the universe. Remember that in a beach covered by sand you are a seemingly insignificant speck, however, you have the potential to make kingdoms of sandcastles and be the solid ground others need to jump into the waves life brings so often to us. And when coming home from your travels, remember that somewhere there are waves crashing on a beach and water continuously flowing and they will continue to do so long after your obstacles disentangle.

enjoy your travels, r.geller


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