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It's not me, it's you: A Breakup Letter to My Insecurities

I am owning up to my flaws and celebrating my accomplishments.

Art By Isis Petit

Dear Insecurity,

We need to talk. You’ve been with me for a while, pretty much as long as I can remember. We went everywhere together, even school. You have seen me at my best, and especially at my worst. I used to think that you protected me by saving me from any potential embarrassments. I depended on you like a superhero, thankful that you kept me in society’s good graces. But things are changing.

Namely, I have changed. I am much stronger now. I have learned to be my own hero. I now realize that I don’t need to have the validation of others in order to feel good about myself. By surrounding myself with a positive support system and cutting toxicity out of my life, I am becoming a more self-accepting person. I am owning up to my flaws and celebrating my accomplishments.

Insecurity, I’ve talked to my friends about you. They keep telling me that I need to spend less with you because they can see how damaging your twisted version of love can be. And I think - I know - that they are right.

Sometimes it's better to rip off the bandaid all at once. It might hurt for a second but it's the only way to ensure healing.

Metaphors aside, I’m leaving you. I’m leaving you for confidence. I’m leaving you for a satisfying senior year empty of regret and doubt. I’m leaving you for a happier and healthier mentality. I cannot be with you when you hold me back, manipulating my choices and making me feel unworthy of success and love.

I will not miss how you interfere and spoil my experiences when I perform or do something that I love. I have started to learn that without you, I have a better chance of becoming who I am meant to be. Leaving you behind will bring forth a more complete version of me. Oscar Wilde once said, “To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance”. It is time I take to writing my own story. This is a love story that has been long overdue.

No Longer Yours,


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