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5 Organizations That Support The Global Women's Movement

What a time to be alive! While sometimes it seems like there will never be total equality between genders, there is more and more being done to ensure that (someday) women and men will be treated 100% equally and have all of the same opportunities open to them. There are many movements and organizations dedicated to helping women and girls to feel capable, beautiful, and powerful. Some organizations that are leading the women’s movement are the National Organization for Women, I AM THAT GIRL, The Girl Project, He For She, and Akola.

He For She is an organization that is making sure that gender equality becomes the norm. It was founded by UN Women with the overall goal of engaging boys and men in the movement for women’s rights and equality. He For She has been responsible for over 1,300,764,018 gender equality actions worldwide, has started more than 1.3 Billion conversations on women’s rights/gender equality, and has hosted over 1.1 thousand events all over the world. To learn more about the He For She movement, search #HeForShe or go to

I AM THAT GIRL (IATG) is working to encourage and empower girls and young women. They have over 170 local chapters, more than 2,000 sponsored girls, and over 670,000 girls currently linked in online. The organization was co-founded by Emily Greener and Alexi Jones with the main goal of “Raising the standards for how girls treat themselves, each other, and the world”. The organization gained most of its attention when the book, I AM THAT GIRL, was written by Alexis Jones with a foreword by Sophia Bush in 2014. To learn more about I AM THAT GIRL or to sponsor a girl/make a donation, check out

National Organization for Women (NOW) was founded in 1966 and is dedicated to supporting women and forwarding the feminist movement and is the largest group of feminist activists in the United States and the District of Columbia. NOW has worked with many legal projects and public education projects including their Crisis in Family Courts, Voter Mobilization, Global Feminism, and perhaps their most famous project is their Love Your Body Campaign. To find out more about current and upcoming NOW projects or to make a donation, go to

The Girl Project is dedicated to making sure that all girls have access to education. The Girl Project’s programs support girls with things like tuition and transportation to school. They also mentor and encourage girls to make sure that the girls that are able to go to school don’t drop out before they graduate. Their biggest partners include Glamour, Girl’s Inc., Plan International USA, Communities in Schools, and CARE. To make a donation and help The Girl Project give girls around the world an education, visit:

Akola was founded by Brittany Merrill and is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to training and employing women living in extreme poverty. Akola is making sure that their employees are able to get a real education so they are able to land jobs that are typically only available to men such as the position of a doctor or dentist. All proceeds from jewellery and other accessories sold by Akola go to the women that are being helped by Akola and to expanding the organization so that more women and their families can be helped. To learn more about the impact that Akola has been making on the community, visit


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