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From Garden to Vase to Wall

Air dried roses... to create a montage of the hearts you've stolen (just kidding, of course)

What better thing than treating yourself to fresh flowers? To me, flowers are so beautiful that I never want them to wilt, let alone have to throw them out. Luckily there is a way to preserve the extensive beauty of your roses without flattening them in a book.

Here is a cute art project you can do all by yourself, for yourself:

Collect your roses, it may be over a long period of time, or you can go out and get a few all at once.

Once your rose(s) start to wilt, take them from their vase and secure a string to the stem of your rose. Hang your rose(s) upside down… cupboard knobs work really well.

After a day or two they should be ready to go. Use wall-safe tape of any colour, and arrange the roses in any design and orientation you desire.

Ta-da, you are done! We love how this is so different than having a vase of air-dried roses on your bedside table.

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