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Why Gilmore Girls is our favourite T.V. Show

A few of us break down what the show means to us.

(Source: Netflix)


Just thinking about Stars Hallow brings a warm feeling to my heart.

I've never been big on watching TV shows - I'm more of an indie feature film kind of girl, and as a photographer, I'm always on the search for stellar cinematography. There aren't many simple TV series (especially one as long as Gilmore Girls) that are able to capture my attention. But something about Gilmore Girls made me binge watch all seven seasons over a period of three consecutive days and cry when it was over. I remembered seeing it appear on the single TV my family has always owned (and fought over) every week when I was younger, never being able to watch because I was always on my way to dance classes or gymnastics practices.

After all the seasons were out, I finally got into it. I think the reason I loved watching it so much was because it was something I could share, snuggled on the couch next to my mom, sipping cocoa, while my Christmas break math homework waited on my desk in the other room. Time would slip away, friends who were not really friends, crushes who didn't like me back and coaches who told me to cut the dessert - they didn't matter. I could get lost in the world of my favourite characters. I'd drool over Jess and throw pillows at Logan's head. I went away to college with Rory and felt Lorelai's heartaches. My mom and I rented every box set from our public library twice.

The show is deeply relatable and anyone who's watched it with me has found something special that appeals to them. It was never about one topic in particular, but rather covered every aspect of life and every genre; Romance, comedy, family and more. It made me feel something, and that was important.

I've started university this year and found myself thinking about one episode in particular, where Rory decides to do away with small town gender roles and ask out William from the Laundry room. She get's rejected and the whole situation is awkward as hell, but it gave me the courage to talk to people (mainly boys) even with my fear of being rejected or ignored.

I have Gilmore Girls to thank for my addiction to coffee which I never quite understood until this semester. Overall, the show was a happy place and at times inspiring. After watching the trailer for "A Year In The Life" I am so excited I can barely breathe! All the characters are back ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Looks like my twitter feed will be all Gilmore Girls for the next month!

- Andreya Klobucar, editor-in-chief


Gilmore Girls brought out the inner feminist in me. Watching powerful women like Lorelai, Rory and even Emily was inspiring. They were strong women who were determined and bad-ass, and just had so much passion for what they did. It showed me that being a woman wasn't something that I had to be ashamed of, because I could do anything that I wanted if I set my mind to it. It was my escape from a bad day, when everything was going wrong. Hearing the quippy dialogue was enough to turn a frown upside down. I think that a show like Gilmore Girls is going to forever be a household name because it’s a show that sheds a light on powerful females that don’t rely on men for anything, and I love that.

-Heather Taylor-Singh, beauty editor


Gilmore Girls is a show that undeniably feels like a hug. There’s so much that feels comfortingly familiar about it; from the autumnal colours, to the dainty little town of Stars Hollow, and the plethora of characters that you know as well as your own family. Because Gilmore Girls feels so close and familiar, I easily learn so much from it. These characters and the challenges they go through always feel so real, and even years into the future, I will go back and watch Rory graduate high school and fall in love for the first time to find my way out of difficult situations. When I feel stuck in the muddle of life, I can lean into Gilmore Girls just like I can a friend, and it will so reliably offer everything I need: some steady advice, a cheering up, and just the perfect amount of sass.

- Iris Du, social media manager


I have only started watching Gilmore Girls only quite recently (I am finishing up season 3) , but I have found myself thoroughly fascinated by it. The amount of care that show puts into constructing healthy female relationships is something to admire. Though the show may not always pass the Bechdel test with flying colours, the characters are far from one-dimensional. We see their hopes and aspirations, as well as their flaws and complexities. Though she's not perfect, Rory’s intelligence and spunk are traits I appreciate very much. Because of their complexity, I get to relate to the Gilmore Girls on a deeper level. I'm excited to see where the rest of the series takes me, as well as the revival.

-Ysabel Sarinas, geek out editor

(Source: Netflix)


The Gilmore Girls made me wish I had been Rory Gilmore in high school. Not in every sense, not the way that Rory Gilmore was someone who was so sure of who she was and (unlike me) didn’t hide parts of herself to be able to fit into a certain group of people in high school. Rory is someone that has clear opinions about the things she believes in and isn’t afraid to share them with people who disagreed with her; in high school I always stayed quiet. I started watching Gilmore Girls a couple of weeks after I graduated high school so I wasn’t able to be wholeheartedly and purely myself in high school, but in college the Gilmore girls created a whole new me! Lorelai and Rory also remind me a lot of myself growing up because I can relate in a very personal level to the single-mother and daughter relationship. My mom was a single mother with two daughters, and in my eyes my mother was, and continues to be, the ultimate #GIRLBOSS!

-Nahomy Ortiz-Garcia, life editor


To me Gilmore Girls is a stress reliever. I can watch this show and feel at ease, or use it as an end goal to motivate me for something. The small town of Stars Hollow is such a unique place, and contrasts drastically with where I currently spend a lot of my time - Toronto. Growing up in Vaughan, I never appreciated where I lived. Now whenever I come home after a long day in the city (which I love so much), I feel the comfort of the slower pace. Rory is truly a brilliant young lady who I aspire to be. I believe I have become more of an academic because of her influence. She puts the work into her goals, which pushes me to work hard on my dreams. As well, the relationships she has with the many ladies in her life are super unique and admirable. Especially with her mom (#motherdaughtergoals). I can talk about why each woman in this show is an absolute girl boss... but if I start I won't stop. However you can read all about that in our article. Finally, I'd like to say I can relate to the coffee obsession on a spiritual level.

-Sarah Mariotti, contributor


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