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Lorelai Gilmore: The Original #Girlboss

“If men can do it… so can I!


Lorelai Gilmore was one of the first independent, feminist women to grace our televisions at the turn of the decade. From when we first saw her running The Independence Inn with her “I beat to the tune of my own drum” attitude, we knew Lorelai was someone to watch. Here are four reasons why Lorelai Gilmore is the ultimate girlboss...

1. She named her daughter after herself. If this isn't an obvious clue, then I don't know what it. It's mentioned a few times on the show that Lorelai is Rory’s at birth name. It was said that Lorelai named Rory after herself, because while in labour be she thought it was sexist of men to name their sons after themselves. While in labour at the age of 16, she thought and I quote, “If men can do it… so can I!” If that isn’t the mentality to go through anything in life with, I don’t know what is.

She co-founded her own business. The Dragonfly Inn, anyone? It is a long and difficult process for someone to start up their own business. Both Lorelai and Sookie put their whole heart and soul into making The Dragonfly Inn the best place it possibly could be. Having her own inn was what Lorelai dreamed of for so long.The great accomplishment of having something so major checked off her to-do list really shows the determined character Lorelai has.

She always cleaned up her own mess. Lorelai had her fair share of mistakes, but through each situation, she manages to get through. When she broke off her short-lived marriage to Christopher in the final season, it seemed like it would be difficult for Lorelai to pick up the pieces after being married. It was refreshing and a great act of self care for Lorelai to take some time for herself, drink more coffee, focus on Rory and work toward what she really wanted (*cough* Luke *cough*).

She raised Rory on her own. Sure, Christopher made a reappearance every so often, and Luke was like a father figure to Rory, but ultimately Lorelai did it all on her own. I can only imagine it must take a lot of a woman to raise a child. Although in Lorelai’s case, having a child like Rory, this really couldn’t be a bad thing. Lorelai raised her to be responsible, intelligent and very independent. Traits she most definitely inherited from her mother.

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