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Art by Chacoco

Falling in love. What is it to fall in love? It’s like magic but impossibly real. It’s infinite strength. It’s terrifying vulnerability. It’s like losing yourself in the most surreal daydream yet it makes you feel more present in your body than ever. Love is complicated, contradictory, impossible to truly articulate. But we’ve tried to anyway. This collection of poems is an exploration of the feeling of love. We hope you enjoy.

-Romi & Meg


headlights - the clock on your dashboard races to the number one

as we drive headlights shine light at the two yards ahead

two yards

that is all we get to see and for each yard that we pass we are allowed to see another two

i let my thoughts drive past all the roads we took this past year and how many times we blindly drove into it all

and we keep driving



Frame by Frame

Lingering light was obliterated by the rapidly falling night. The once salmon splattered sky transformed into a vast expanse of jet-black that engulfed the town. A canopy of luminous stars materialized amongst the sky’s ocean, and here I was in the front seat of your car falling ever so slowly in love. Out of all the places I had found myself prior, there was no other street, no other car, no other person I would rather be with. Parked only a few streets away from my own, the world stopped still on its axis and your breath seeped deep into the corners of my lungs. The world still paused at a halt, every breath hurricaning over the silence, and loving you was even sweeter frame by frame.



Sunday mornings with you

my hair in the shower drain, your smell on my sweaters, hair ties lay on the window sill

golden dust sprinkles in through the window bouncing off my back and your arms I shrink myself deeper into the mattress sneaking in the shadows made by your shoulders trying to block the light

sleeping on the ribs of our mattress I feel the bed’s breathing coincide with your own carrying me up and down with every tide you take in

my old shirt lays on the ground beneath us while yours sits perfectly folded on the edge of the bed

uncovering myself in the sheets the ribs move from under me golden lights bounce over my exposed back, feel your warm arms wrap around my waist and pull me in, "just a few more minutes" he said



there is the warmth of a thousand fires in your heart they shine out through your eyes a riot of heat flickering just beneath the rich soil like wildflower roots ready to burst you tell me, ‘you make me feel like i could eat the world whole.’ i tell you, ‘my love, you could do that long before me. you could destroy cities with just a smile.’ a million watts. and everything would come tumbling down. but that’s not true. not really. you wouldn’t want to break, or soil you’re a creator, a poet you touch flowers to feel the dewdrops on your fingers and taste like honey on my tongue you’re an angel in grass-stained jeans i could sleep inside your arms for a thousand years and i will. in this life, and the next and the one after that, lifetimes of hearts beating alongside one another like plants growing towards the sunlight tall, proud and bright lovers will touch our petals to feel the dewdrops on their fingers and write poems about how it feels to fall in love

-meg baxter

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