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Closet Q&A: Diana’s Dreamy Wardrobe

23 year-old Diana Amado, creator of Youtube channel SlipsAndStones just recently graduated from New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in fashion design. Her closet is currently comprised of florals and silk, which is similar to the aesthetic of her incoming internship with Free People. Today we delve deeper into Amado’s vintage style and how she got there.

Diana’s infamous clothing rack (Photos courtesy of Diana Amado).


How would you describe your style?

Diana: As of late, I've been loving lots of vintage and effortless silhouettes with a bit of a NYC-turned-French twist. But usually, I don't quite like to identify my style. I often feel that when I do, I put myself into a box that confines me to only purchasing anything that fits into that one category.

Have you ever felt conflicted with your style?

D: I think my last answer says it all. I definitely have been! Especially when I first came around to realizing how much fashion truly inspires me. This was right after high school and I thank YouTube so much for that! I used to binge watch thrift hauls and would grab inspiration from a lot of my favourite vloggers. Eventually I realized my closet was a huge mish-mosh of confusion and so somehow, I found my niche through design!

What’s a typical outfit for you?

D: As of lately I've been wearing anything from camisoles, band tees, and even flowy florals with mom jeans, chelsea boots, and a little something silky wrapped around my neck.

Did you ever lose an item in your closet that was sentimental?

D: Ironically, I don't usually hold huge sentimental value in clothing so if I do lose a favorite piece I just hope it finds a better home! Then, I go for some retail therapy to soften the blow 'cause why not?

Currently, what's your favourite item in your closet?

D: Definitely my Levi 505's.

Where do you go when you're lacking style inspiration?

D: Without a doubt: Soho! I recently interned for Ulla Johnson in Soho and I don't think I'd ever been so inspired style-wise in my entire life! Soho's gotta be THE place for some of the most fashionable, driven people. But during the summer months when it's just wayyy too hot to head into the city, I like to pop open my laptop at a local cafe. That's where I just relax and venture the net for the latest trends, bloggers, and what's going on outside of my world.

A lil’ bit of rapid fire: 70's flare , or 90's grunge?

D: 70's flare.

Stevie Nicks or Jane Birkin?

D: Birkin babe!

Vintage or Modern?

D: Always vintage but keeping things a little modern is fun! I'm not a born-in-the-wrong-era kinda gal.

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