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September Online Cover: Lost

If we never allowed ourselves to get lost, how on earth would we find ourselves?

In the September 2016 online theme, we explore what it means to discover and develop one's self, especially when faced with new environments and the people who frequent them.

Most of us have started a new year at high school or college, bursting with nerves, motivation and excitement for what the semester will bring. It is often during these times and other periods of drastic change, that it becomes apparent that, as we transition back into (what we like to refer to as) zombie robot mode, we begin to lose our sense of individuality. It can be very difficult to feel prepared for what September will bring.

We get caught up in routines or groups of people that we may or may not identify with or that we may or may not enjoy being around. We get involved with people that we think are our friends but turn out to leave us stranded when we need them the most. We begin to feel a need to belong in any way possible, no matter what we must do.

Remember who you were all summer, when there weren't any school hallways or cafeterias to navigate and when the only studying you took part was watching YouTube beauty tutorials.

Always question how you got to where you are! Find yourself again in the hallways of your school, in the break room at your workplace, in the Starbucks down the street, in the people whom you love and in the adventures that await you.

The Online theme cover, photographed by the incredible Hailey Asquin, was chosen because it truly and artistically reflects our feelings of being stuck in between being sad as summer ends and excited as autumn rolls in!

Get lost with us starting today with two weeks of awesome daily posts!

Watch the behind the scenes video created by Hailey here:

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