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SNWL: When You Need Advice

There comes a time in all of our lives when we feel lost, and when we feel lost we seek advice. We seek for advice in moments of stress, moments of weakness, or moments when we are just plain lonely. But sometimes there is no one there to give us the wise words we are looking for.

Tonight's Saturday Night Watch List contains videos that can help you when you feel alone or lost, videos that will demonstrate the journey of others and how it might be very similar to your own, advice from different point of views; it’s always helpful to put ourselves in other people’s shoes to be able to make the tough decisions that will come.


20 things that I’ve learned by the age of 20 | By: Halle Keeth

For when you’re broken | By: Hannah Gogan

18 tips for 18 years | By: Alexis G. Zall

Three things I have learned | By: Savannah Brown

Ask a grown man with John Hamm | By: rookiemagofficial

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