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Sleep and Sound

Photo by Gabi Barrera (IG: gabiz.barrera)


Catching the z’s before the clocks strikes midnight and you dream of prince (or princess!) charming.

How many times have you stared helplessly at the clock, watching it change from 2:47 to 2:48? AM, that is. You sigh, but alas, you fixate your gaze onto the loading Netflix circle, that will play the next episode of Stranger Things, in 3 seconds. The best part? You have an 8am class that same morning.

Here’s how to fix that!

1. Digital Detox This is the first step! No scientific fact can prove that staring at a bright screen in a dark room is good for the eyes. By turning off your phone or laptop before going to bed, you will fall asleep easier because the stimulation of the phone’s bright screen is gone, and you brain can relax before sleeping. We promise, that tweet or video can wait until the morning.

2. Write it Down, Sista! Without the constant buzzing of your phone, you have time to focus on yourself, and what needs to be done. Take some time before bedtime by writing down what happened during your day, keeping your mind clutter-free. If you’re still not sleepy, try making a to-do list for the next day. It keeps you organized and on-track for all tomorrow’s errands, AND should knock you out.

3. Clean Sheets, Clean Dreams Always wash your sheets and pillowcase at least once a week. Not only will it feel comfy, but your bed linens will actually smell like bed linens and not, well, skin cells (ew!). While you’re out and about doing your daily errands, pop your sheets into the machine for a wash and dry to ensure you have a clean sleep. There’s nothing like the smell of fresh linen before hitting the hay.

4. Sleepwear for the Soul Having clean sheets really sets the tone for what you wear to bed. Slip dresses have become a new fave, and are extremely comfortable, yet glamorous. And nothing pairs better with a slip than sleeping braless, which helps to put your body in full relax mode. Adding a sleep mask can help as well, mimicking the darkness of the night (or your soul, whichever you prefer).

5. Beau-tea Sleep If you’re feeling a bit restless before bed, prepare yourself a cup of tea to soothe your soul. I love the feeling of drinking a hot beverage; my body is instantly warmed. By drinking tea before bed, you will find yourself yawning way before your usual bedtime. Chamomile tea is the best to help your body drift into a peaceful sleep. We recommend this Honey Vanilla Chamomile Herbal tea, it’s a dream.

And you’re a dream as well. Now go to bed! Don’t you want to stay that way?

*The team at Mimp Magazine are not healthcare professionals, but we get our research from reliable sources! These tips may not apply to everyone. These are all suggestions to be taken into consideration and with moderation.

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