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Girls Who Make Art: Sonia Mandeville

Welcome to a new segment on called: Girls Who Make Art.

Every month, we'll feature an awesome female-identified artist or content creator. Have a question you're dying to have answered by one of your favourite artsy gals? Send your recommendations and questions for more 'Girls Who Make Art' features here!


All photos courtesy of Sonia Mandeville | Collage by MimpMag

Meet Sonia Mandeville. This Indonesian native is a phenomenal artist, writer, filmmaker, and musician. She is bound to brighten your day with her short films which have been featured on Soul Pancake, at NIFTY film festival, and on her YouTube channel (So Sonia).

Mimp Mag: So What have you been up to recently?

Sonia Mandeville: I have been currently traveling and having the plan of changing plans. I am living out of a giant backpack. I spent quite a bit of time in Portland and Seattle and San Francisco. I am currently in New York doodling on a park bench.

MM: When did you start making art? SM: I Added on different skills over time. I started out with more visuals, then adding everything into one thing. I Grew up in a musical community, and was a big 'journaler'. I started one step at a time.

MM: What or who inspires you?

SM: Everyone. I am a person who goes up and talks to random people in cafés. Everyone is an inspiration, street performers, people who choose to live their dreams.

MM: How do you take that inspiration into your art?

SM: I look at what they're doing, take their idea of fearlessness, and what they do into my art.

MM: Do you have a process for making a project?

SM: Every project has a different process. The Skeleton is usually from personal experience. My Favourite process is creation.

MM: What do you do when you get into a creative funk? SM: Since I consider my art such a big part of my life it has such a big risk of falling apart, like if I am having a terrible day. Everyday I go into my creative slumps, but if I keep moving I figure my mind and art will follow.

MM: What was the hardest part of making art for you?

SM: Self doubt. Not having the confidence to go through with a crazy idea. Finding that gut to change it around, and do that art no one has done before. My goal is to have no limits.

MM: Do you have a favourite art piece or video you have made?

SM: The Happiest Girl In The World. Very, very, raw. I Had it shown at a film festival. When it was shown it reminded me of all the memories of when I was depressed. I had to leave the theatre, and had a panic attack. It took so long to make because I was depressed while making it. I would film a little bit and then have to stop. It took so much strength.

MM: Any upcoming projects you are working on?

SM: Oh god, Everything. My next full season on Soul Pancake, a book of short stories. Writing songs, and hopefully more live performances. I am working on a body image film. It started out with journaling and personal experience, then talking to people in my life.

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