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How To Style A Tea Party ft. Rachel Mckenna

This month’s theme is a ‘Grunge Princess’ inspired theme, when I think of this the first thing that comes to mind is Pity Party by Melanie Martinez which is pretty much an epic birthday tea party, but with no guests. Throughout history whether is in film, literature and in real life, tea parties have been fabulous ways to eat pastries and drink tea with friends in a gorgeous afternoon, most of the time celebrating a specific event like a birthday, going away party, or just a basic get-together.

Sadly, I have never been invited to one of these exclusive gatherings, but as I grow older and meet more people in college and work, my chances of getting invited to a tea party are higher, therefore I must prepare. I asked 24-year-old Rachel Mckenna whom has a lot of experience in vintage wardrobe (dressing vintage for over 3 years now!) to help me decide my possible future outfits for a tea party.

Outfit #1

All Photos by Nick Maksy

A typical "1950's summer" look, including peasant top, gingham skirt with a petticoat, and of course a cute hat. Totally ready for a tea party, or picnic, or maybe just some casual frolicking through the fields.

Vintage top: Vintage skirt: Hat: Antique store

Outfit #2

This outfit embodies the spirit of "tea party" heavily inspired in Alice in Wonderland. You can't go wrong with a pale blue dress and black mary janes.

Dress: instagram vintage seller @shantillylacevintage

Outfit #2

With this 1940's look, we paired some trousers and boots, they always give an earthy, adventurer vibe. For a tea party after a long horseback ride through the forest.

Top: Urban Outfitters Vintage pants: Boots:

Instagram: @racheldarling_ Youtube: ThePinupCompanion

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