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Closet Q&A: To the Moona and back

Longtime friends/besties, Isabelle Estrin and Kenzie Bass, — who have been friends since the early 2000’s (the first time bootcuts were in style) — teamed up a few months ago to create fashion blog, MoonaLuna to showcase their style, but also inspire young females who are struggling with their own individual style. Here’s what they had to say about their own closets.

Isabelle (right), Kenzie (left). All photos courtesy of Isabelle Estrin & Kenzie Bass)


Introduce yourselves to our readers!

Isabelle: Hi hi, I'm Isabelle! Little bit about me-I’m 21 years old, work at Free People and The Break Vintage and I attend the Fashion Institute of Technology. I have known Kenzie for what seems like forever, we have always bonded over our shared love of fashion. Fast forward 8 years and we created MoonaLuna to share that love with the world!

Kenzie: Hi everyone! I am Kenzie and am 21 years young. I work at Free People in Atlanta while attending school at Kennesaw State University. Isabelle and I have been friends since middle school and our shared love for clothing and personal style led to our collaborative fashion blog, MoonaLuna!

How would you describe your style?

I: My style changes everyday! The best way I can describe my style is evolving. I love to try new things and put pieces together that I’ve never thought of styling with one another. I draw most of my style inspo from other women I meet that inspire me.

M: My personal style is a mixture of everything I love and admire expressed in articles of clothing. I am adding to my style constantly whether it's a new movie I love a or a place I recently visited.

A rendition of Isabelle’s go-to outfit.

What’s a typical outfit for each of you?

I: A typical outfit for me usually consists of anything silky that I can get my hands on, a neck tie, cut off jeans, and my favorite pair of mules. I love effortless outfits that have little details which tie the whole look together.

M: My typical outfit right now is probably my high waisted ankle Levi jeans with a silk tank and paired with my black block heels, my everyday rings, and a classic black belt.

You’ll find Kenzie in an outfit like this on the daily.

What is your most recent purchase?

I: My most recent purchase was a big haul of clothes from Goodwill. I got a vintage Vivienne Tam mini skirt, two amazing maxis, and (believe it or not) a cute mini skirt from limited too! My favourite has to be this beautiful see through maxi dress that I like to pair with high waisted underwear and a black bra.

Isabelle’s favourite maxi-dress thrift find.

M: I went to Rag-O-Rama last week and found a black silk kimono with a tiger on the back, 3 pairs of heels, and a tight mustard coloured midi dress!

How do people respond to your style? I: I will always remember the day in middle school where a group of boys told me I dressed weird. From that point on I tried to conform my style to fit in with everyone. Once I realized that other people's opinions didn't matter, that fashion was a way to express myself, I was so much better off. People are super accepting of my style now, but I wanted to make MoonaLuna to prevent girls from being discouraged (like I was) to dress how they want.

M: To be honest, I have no idea! I try not to care what other people think of my personal style and just enjoy what I am wearing.

What’s one item you splurged on, but can’t get enough of? I: I recently splurged on these silk, pajama-like, trouser pants and I have never been more in love with a piece of clothing in my life. Sleepwear as daywear is my favourite thing right now so I have no regrets splurging on those babies.

One of the many silk robes in Kenzie’s closet.

M: I can't remember the last item I splurged on, but my vintage Jeffrey Campbell booties are my current pride and joy in my closet. I found these beauties at a vintage store called Friends, in Brooklyn 3 months ago and I don't see myself getting tired of them any time soon.

Check out the duo’s blog, MoonaLuna here.

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