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LOOK! LINKS!: Natural products that will save your skin

Illustration by Tara Presnell


Love the skin you’re in, even it is has more than a few blemishes.

We have 5 great natural products that will treat your acne-prone skin whom of which has seen better days. Your skin will love this well-deserved treat after a hot and heavy summer.

1. Tony Moly | Rice Mask Sheet - Clear Skin Although this brand is under speculation as to whether or not it is cruelty-free, Tony Moly does use natural ingredients which will help with calming down skin that is acne-prone. This mask in particular is a sheet mask, and is refreshing resting on the skin. It is mainly water based which, in combination with the rice extract, clears skins and will give the skin a newfound glow once removed.

2. Lush | Grease Lightning Go Grease Lightning! If you’re ever in need of a spot treatment, try this product. Although it’s a facial cleanser, try using it as a spot treatment and you’ll be happily surprised. After washing and drying your face, apply on any blemishes, which will disappear in 3-5 days, like lightning. The tea tree oil used, is a natural ingredient, that helps fight blemishes and acne that is easily found on oily skin types.

3. Burt’s Bees | Natural Acne Solutions Purifying Gel Cleanser

Yes, the notorious lip balms is not where this brand stops. This mainly water-based product, absorbs any unwanted oils from the skin leaving it raw and natural, calming the skin. With the skin still wet, apply the cleanser, and leave having your skin feeling rejuvenated. With the use of salicylic acid, residing from the willow bark plant, it helps to suck out all the excess oil clogging the pores.

To keep your skin from building unneeded layers of oil, tackle it with this moisturizer. Alike the milky jelly cleanser, this product use rose oil to calm and soften the skin, leaving it skin feeling nourished. The use of shea butter helps to soften the skin from the cleanser, which absorbed most of the moisture. After applying a cleanser, this is the best moisturizer to apply as it will protect your skin.

After applying a moisturizing base to the skin, it’s nice to lock the only needed moisture onto the skin. This facial spray is not only refreshing, but smells amazing, complementing the rose-scented moisturizer (if you’re using this in routine). Infused in the spray is witch-hazel, which alike tea-tree oil is a natural ingredient for acne prone skin, and will help to reduce blemish sizes, even with a spritz or two.

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